21 Jan 2022

  • Added a blog under a new News menu item

14 Jan 2022

  • Added example images to each collection in the Buying Guide

11 Jan 2022

  • Added a Buying Guide for prospective unsig buyers

30 Dec 2021

  • Updated the DAO proposals, votes, & results page with remaining vote details, including actions taken as a result of each vote

28 Dec 2021

  • Added quick-view collection list with counts to the main collection page
  • Added Articles & Presentations link to main Project page
  • Added link to Discord for registration issues to the DAO registration and membership pages
  • Created a DAO proposals, votes & results page
  • Added link to DAO treasury on the main DAO page

23 Dec 2021

  • Content migration from
  • Added The Community page, linking to new Related Project and the_unsigned DAO pages
  • Added The Collection page, linking to new Videos page as well as individual collections of unsigs
  • Updated homepage to link to The Collection and The Community pages
  • Updated menu to include The Collection and The Community
  • Updated About page
  • Created Changelog