an unsigned_algorithms knowledge base

unsigned_algorithms is an NFT collection on the Cardano blockchain created by artist Alexander Watanabe as a study of color. Launched in May 2021, the collection of 31,119 pieces has inspired a devoted community, was featured in a panel discussion at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Toronto, and is widely regarded as a Cardano blue chip NFT collection. 

#02240 (@sadasant)

31,119 unsigs!

  • Technology

    The collection was coded in Python. The first unsig minted, #00000, contains a fundamental piece of code used to generate all others in the collection. Each unsig also contains code in its metadata that, together with the code in #00000, can be used to recreate it in any resolution.

  • One of a kind

    Each unsig is unique, and owners are granted full rights to use their unsig as they wish. There are no official unsigned_algorithms collaboration projects, but because holders own the rights to their pieces, unsigs often make appearances in other Cardano projects. Sometimes they are even the foundation on which other projects are created.

  • What's next?

    There will only ever be 31,119 pieces in the unsigned_algorithms collection. Alexander Watanabe is working on another collection, but has said that it will be a very different kind of work. Tokens were distributed to all unsig holders in January 2022 that can be used to mint pieces when the new collection is released.

#27021 (Nusigs)

Tools to try

Nervous Unsig Combinator

Recreate unsigs in the collection or some that never got minted using this front-end tool by TurboEgon

unsig lookup

Find details for any unsig in the collection