Nervous Unsig Combinator

The Nervous Unsig Combinator is a fully on-chain NFT project created by TurboEgon and minted in August 2021. By clicking on the gear icon a dashboard opens that allows users to experiment with the unsig code.

You can use the Nervous Unsig Combinator to recreate existing unsigs as well as some that weren’t minted as part of the collection.

See Tips and Tricks below!

Tips & Tricks

  • The Nervousity and Sound features are unique to the Nervous Unsig Combinator , and use the parameters you choose to seed the effects. You can also turn off Nervousity to see the unsig without movement!
  • By clicking the “A” in the top right corner of the dashboard, you can flip back and forth between two different unsigs for easy comparison
  • Select and deselect the “Active” checkboxes to see the effect that individual layers have on the composition of the unsig
  • There are some rules implemented in the original unsigned_algorithms code that aren’t enforced by the Nervous Unsig Combinator, which is why you can create unsigs that don’t exist in the collection. Here are some things you can do with the Combinator that you won’t see in the real collection:
    • more than two layers of the same color
    • more than two layers with normal distribution
    • layers of the same color rotated 180 degrees from each other
  • Did you create an unsig that you like? Go ahead, right-click save! Just keep in mind that it might be an actual unsig that lives in a collector’s wallet.

The Nervous Unsig Combinator above lives entirely on the Cardano blockchain as Nervous Unsig Combinator #00273, and is presented with permission.