To provide tools and content that will grow understanding and appreciation of the unsigned_algorithms CNFT project and its community.

A bit more…

This site was created with a community focus in an effort to gather the growing body of knowledge about the unsigned_algorithms NFT project into one place, as a “jumping off” point for further exploration. The unsig_analyzer is a tool built to make exploration of the collection more accessible, and the inclusion of related projects and DAO activities is important to building the site into a living project of its own.

Planned improvements:

Technical stuff

Over a four month period, all publicly-available unsig data was analyzed using Excel, and then loaded into databases so that getting counts of forms and geometries was possible. Final counts were verified against those generated by the 007 bot tool in the main unsigned_algorithms server, with the help of its creator, @Mar5man.

All of that form and collection data was then loaded into a custom database for this website, with filters that allow site visitors to easily build their own queries against the data. And now that the hardest part is done and the data is easily accessible, I’m able to start building other kinds of fun features that depend on it.

What about the community content?

All of the related projects and DAO content was consolidated from the previous community homepage at theunsigned.art, which was maintained by @_theunsigned_ (known his tremendous contribution to the unsig community and for his work on ADA Café), in an effort to build a comprehensive unsigned_algorithms web presence.

Who are you?

On Twitter and Discord I am @redegg, and besides creating this site I work as part of the CNFT_art team as a data analyst. I am grateful for their insight into the collection and for their help in understanding it, and although this site is not affiliated with CNFT_art I have chosen to follow their collection definitions and naming conventions.

How can I contact you?

@unsiginfo or @redegg on Twitter

Thank you for visiting!

If you find my work useful, ADA (and unsig) donations are welcome! 😉