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Properties Colors Forms Matchability Rarity unsig007

Property 1: [prop 1]

Property 2: [prop 2]

Property 3: [prop 3]

Property 4: [prop 4]

Property 5: [prop 5]

Property 6: [prop 6]

Number of Output Colors (OC): [number of OC]

Number of unsigs with same number of OC: [number of OC count]

Color cluster: [color cluster]

Geometry: [geometry]

Number of unsigs with same geometry: [geometry count]

Form collection name: [form collection]

Form 1: [form 1]

Form 2: [form 2]

Form 3: [form 3]

Total matches: [total matches]

Top matches: [top matches]

Bottom matches: [bottom matches]

Left matches: [left matches]

Right matches: [right matches]

Number of properties: [num props pct]

Geometry: [geometry pct]

Number of forms: [num forms pct]

Number of output colors: [num oc pct]

Property rarity rank*: [props rank]

Weighted color rank**: [weighted oc rank]


See rarity tables for full collection
*Property rarity rank range is 1 – 19168
**Weighted color rank range is 18.31 – 64.00