Jelly Fish x unsigned_algorithms

Jelly Fish X unsigned_algorithms by Jelani Sasso is the first collaboration of Jelani’s “Abstract Reality Ocean Series”.  These limited collaborative pieces harmoniously combine jelly fish and unsigned_algorithm‘s abstract renditions which were made available to him by his colleague Patrick an avid unsigned algorithms collector.

The collection is made of three series each containing 20 pieces. “Painfully Beautiful” features two Jelly fish digitally painted on unsigned_algorithms unsig06338. “Box Jelly” features a digitally painted box jelly fish on unsigned_algorithms unsig01510. “Jelly and Co”. features nine jelly fish digitally painted on unsigned_algorithms unsig17169.

The 60 piece collection of digital fine art began minting in December 2021 as the Cardano NFT ecosystem closed out its inaugural year. The policy locked in early 2022 with 59 pieces minted due to a technical glitch.

Fun fact: There is error in the metadata for “Painfully Beautiful” the first series minted in the collection. The metadata states unsig6334 was utilized however the unsig in use is unsig6338. The typographical error was noticed in early January 2022 after multiple pieces were minted. It was never corrected as correction would call for a recall and issuance of replacement NFT’s which would inherently change the date of mint to January 2022. Jelani thought it important to preserve the 2021 mint dates inherently preserving the collections overall provenance for the collectors currently within the Cardano community, those to come and himself.