unsig_dreams are created by Tim_the_Sleeper as derivative art pieces from unsigned_algorithms, in the form of distortions, layerings or combinations of photography, art, or other images from culture. unsig_dreams are occasionally released in small run mints, or can be commissioned.

“I have the rare neurological condition known as narcolepsy. In my case this is relatively severe and limits my life in many ways. A large portion of the time I exist in liminal states of consciousness, with false memories, hallucinations, microsleeping, dream intrusions, and other similar occurrences being common. In the summer of 2021 I discovered unsigned_algorithms, and found the colours and form combinations extremely captivating, but also calming. For whatever reason I found viewing them to help me relax and regulate my brain a little.

I began to explore through visual manipulations my relationship with unsigs. Through this I realised that beyond just pleasing images my explorations of unsigs were representative of a deeper analysis. I am very motivated creatively by the complexity of emotions we all experience and how much of that happens at levels below immediate consciousness. The colours and shapes in unsigs seem like they can be a visual metaphor for this and that is one thing that attracts me to them. They became a perfect tool for my attempts at communication of complex lived experiences through art.

The unsig_dreams project charts my presentations of this relationship with unsigs and exploring what they can mean.”