Unsigned Gestalt

Unsigned Gestalt Unsigned Gestalt is a community based project driven by holders of one or more unsigned_algorithm iterations (“unsigs”) who wish to collaborate on building a largecomposition of unsigs by pooling their portfolios. The underlying philosophy of the Unsigned Gestalt community is foremost fun, creativity and the bringing together of very different people from all […]


unspins.qoob https://unsig.info/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/0020_Special3.mov unsigned_algorithms are my first NFTs ever and I fell in love with them for several reasons. First, there is more than just link to jpeg on blockchain. There is a code and actually this code is genius art itself and resulting image is a visual representation of this code. Second, it is possible […]


bluve A musician and composer, @bluveni_ko makes music inspired by his and others’ #unsig collection. cinn₳mon bun Website Twitter YouTube