unsigned_algorithms are my first NFTs ever and I fell in love with them for several reasons. First, there is more than just link to jpeg on blockchain. There is a code and actually this code is genius art itself and resulting image is a visual representation of this code. Second, it is possible to stack them (unsigs) into something bigger, especially creating perfectly matching combos. In the beginning it was pure curiosity bet it grew into almost obsession. It gave me inspiration and motivation to learn Python from scratch in order to analyse unsigverse and over the time to develop algorithms capable of finding these perfect matches.
Then naturally it grew into question: are unsigs limited to 2D? After several months of dedicated study, programming and calculations my laptop announced “cube found!”.

This was beginning of what has become unspins.qoob – first algorithmic onchain 3D Art project on Cardano, VR/AR and metaverse ready NFT collection inspired by extensive study of unsigned_algorithms.

Cube is one of the simplest 3D primitive forms and there is so much more to discover…