unsig.info has a blog!

Not all of us have the time to keep up with what’s happening on Twitter and in Discord, so now you’ll be able to catch up on what’s happening here in a curated list of topics.

Big happenings today?

Twitter survey on the unsigned_DAO

The DAO is young but it’s never too early to gather some data on how many people are aware of its existence. The survey will be open for responses for a couple more days if you’d like to contribute.

v2″ project token drop

After a long wait, unsig hodlers are preparing for the imminent distribution of tokens on Dripdropz for anyone who owns an unsig. On January 30th Dripdropz will take a snapshot of all staked wallets that contain unsigs, and will then make available fungible tokens that can be claimed and redeemed for a v2 piece once the new collection has dropped. More instructions to come in a separate post, but immediate action you can take is to make sure your unsigs are:

  • in a staked wallet (any stakepool is fine)
  • not listed for sale on a marketplace
  • not locked into a smart contract