What you need to do to get a “v2” token

“Make unsigs useless again”

First and foremost, the unsigned_algorithms “v2” project isn’t an unsigned_algorithms project at all. It is a follow-up collection by unsigned_algorithms creator, Alexander Watanabe, but it isn’t part of an unsigned_algorithms roadmap or anything similar. He has mentioned on several occasions that he didn’t want to do another unsig project, but that he felt such gratitude at the success of the unsigned_algorithms mint that he promised another collection for everyone who owns an unsig. The new release will be something completely original, and unrelated to the original project.

What we know

  • It won’t be a color study as unsigned_algorithms was
  • Redemption tokens can be claimed on a 1:1 basis for unsigs held in a staked wallet as of January 30, 2022
  • The redemption tokens can be bought and sold thereafter, and will not be connected to the original unsigned_algorithms collection in any way
  • Holders of the redemption token will be able to exchange it for a piece from the new collection when it is ready to be minted (a date hasn’t yet been announced)

What you need to do in order to claim your redemption token

By January 30th before the start of Epoch 318 at 21:45:00 UTC, you must do the following:

  • delist your unsigs from any marketplaces where they might be for sale or auction
  • remove your unsigs from smart contracts
  • make sure your unsigs are in a staked wallet (any stakepool is fine)

Following the snapshot on January 30th, you will be able to visit Dripdropz.io and connect your wallet to claim your tokens. There will be a 5 ADA fee, regardless of how many tokens you claim, with about half of it sent back to you with your tokens. Please visit Dripdropz for information about how their service works.