Unsigned Lips

Unsigned Lips is a reimagining of Unsigned Algorithms, as viewed through the lens of psychedelics, combined with hand drawn art. Join us on a journey through consciousness with this collection of 169 unique 1 of 1 pieces by TrippyADA. Twitter Website Discord

Unsigned Gestalt

Unsigned Gestalt Unsigned Gestalt is a community based project driven by holders of one or more unsigned_algorithm iterations (“unsigs”) who wish to collaborate on building a largecomposition of unsigs by pooling their portfolios. The underlying philosophy of the Unsigned Gestalt community is foremost fun, creativity and the bringing together of very different people from all […]

Jelly Fish x unsigned_algorithms

Jelly Fish X unsigned_algorithms by Jelani Sasso is the first collaboration of Jelani’s “Abstract Reality Ocean Series”.  These limited collaborative pieces harmoniously combine jelly fish and unsigned_algorithm‘s abstract renditions which were made available to him by his colleague Patrick an avid unsigned algorithms collector. The collection is made of three series each containing 20 pieces. […]


unspins.qoob https://unsig.info/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/0020_Special3.mov unsigned_algorithms are my first NFTs ever and I fell in love with them for several reasons. First, there is more than just link to jpeg on blockchain. There is a code and actually this code is genius art itself and resulting image is a visual representation of this code. Second, it is possible […]


bluve A musician and composer, @bluveni_ko makes music inspired by his and others’ #unsig collection. cinn₳mon bun Website Twitter YouTube


Aether discovered unsigned_algorithm before the project minted out on primary. She has never looked back! She created a plethora of unsig based art, none of which has been marketed. Aether is highly invested in the generative art space and is blockchain agnostic. She collects and writes about generative art. She is also launching a generative […]

The Alexandria Project

unsig #25882 – open-source and free for the world to enjoy “The Alexandria Project (TAP) is an open-source community project working to revolutionize the worlds of blockchain publication, decentralized education, content distribution, archival collections, and other web3 solutions in the fields of art, information, literature, science, and technology.” – TAP website The Library Collections at […]


Unsig OG. Exploring neuroscience from a metaphysical angle. Always poised to refresh. June 10, 2021 first raw unsig manipulation artwork. Projects include “unplaid.” Discord

What Lies Within

A collaboration between EgonFX [Stellarhood] & STEEL where users can explore the inner world of Unsig #01082, “The Polaroid.” This is where art, science & pop culture collide. Website STEEL TurboEgon


unsigned_teddy for unsig 22624

unsigned_teddys are an adorable memorabilia NFT custom-created and personalized for unsig owners, who then become honorary members of the Teddy Exclusive Club. There are only 101 pieces in the v1 custom collection, and because the project was started before unsigned_algorithms minting ended, this is one of the most recognizable OG unsig related projects. “Gummi bears […]